Brakes & Chains

It is placed in a specific configuration by the manufacturer. It purpose is to keep the crank and camshafts timed properly. This is so the top half and the bottom half of the motor remain in sync and work properly. Now not all vehicles havea timing belt but instead they use a timing chain.

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Timing Belts

There are two different types of engine timing set ups for most cars on the road today; timing belts and timing chains. They are simply designed to prevent the valves (top of engine) from hitting the pistons (bottom of engine) and causing major engine damage. If you are not sure what kind your vehicle is equipped with, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to let you know.

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt, then there is a service that should be done EVERY 100k miles. It is a preventative maintenance service and generally does not change the way the car runs. It does however keep you from spending more money in the future, when the timing belt eventually does break.

Timing chains are a little different as far as maintenance. Most manufacturers do not have a service interval for them to be changed. However, some vehicles timing chains tend to get a little loose over time. Some symptoms may include a rattle at start up, idle, or heavy acceleration. Running issues may also be caused from a loose chain. Such as loss of power on acceleration or engine misfire. Unless a problem such as those occurs, there is little need to have your timing chain replaced for maintenance.

As a good rule of thumb, it is recommended that when doing any service on either timing belt or chain, that all vital components should be replace at the same time. Such as bearings, tensioners, guides, water pumps, belts and gaskets. Reason being is because most of those components have to be taken off anyway. And most of those components WILL eventually go bad in one way or the other. So it just makes sense to do it at the same time to keep from paying the same labor cost AGAIN.