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About Us

Thanks for visiting our website. By providing good, helpful information of our daily operations, we hope to eliminate some of your fears about visiting a repair shop. We understand that nobody enjoys spending money to repair their vehicle, but eventually it has to be done. So why keep overpaying for service and repairs? At Inland Import we strive to give our guests quality service at a fair price, and in a reasonable time frame. We take the time to listen, and then explain the care needed for your vehicle. Curious about the leaks staining your driveway? Bring your car in and we won't just tell you about the leak, we will actually show you what the problem is. We prefer it that way. We enjoy helping our clients to have a better understanding of their vehicle then they did before they walked through our door. So give us a call and let us know about any problems/questions you may have about your vehicle. Thank you and hope to see you soon!