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About Us

I opened my doors because I love what I do; fixing cars. I have been working on them even before I was able to drive. I was fortunate enough to earn my degree from Universal Technical Institute where I learned a great deal about the technological aspects of automobiles. Cars to me are fascinating and frustrating at the same time. I enjoy the challenge they present, partly due to the fact there are so many different new features and designs. I enjoy the fact that I have to constantly keep familiarizing myself with these new features and designs in order to keep up.

On the flip side of my profession, I also take pride in my customer service. I enjoy seeing my clients walk through the door and being able to address them by their first name. I do what I can to help, all while staying fair to myself and my team. I know I am not perfect and I will make an occasional mistake, but I am not afraid to admit it and make it right. I work hard for every one of my customers and feel common courtesy goes a long way.

I work on a variety of different cars; both imports and domestics. My expertise lies especially in Honda and Toyota models. My shop can handle any repair from complete engine changes to electrical repairs. Unfortunately, we do not have the skills for European vehicle such as Volkswagen's, Mercedes, or BMW.