Engine Service

Adhering to a routine maintenance schedule is essential for prolonging the life of any machine, and your car's engine is no exception. Allowing dirt, old oil, and small incidents of damage to build up without proper care will likely cause your car's engine to die prematurely.

Inland Import Automotive Specialists

Given that Check Engine Lights can range from as simple as a gas cap to something as extensive as engine misfire codes. Inland Import gives FREE engine code readings. We can usually give you an estimate for repair in a matter of minutes. We also take the time to explain what the code means to you and what the best approach of repair may be.

An illuminated check engine light means that the driver should have the vehicle checked as soon as possible. A flashing check engine Iight means that the driver should park and shut off the vehicle immediately - before serious engine or emissions system damage occurs.

If your check engine light is on when you take your car in for a smog test, it will automatically FAIL! Have it checked out BEFORE you take it in for its bi-annual smog check.